Company Profile

aboutusFrom take off in 1983  for more than a decade, Gatari Air Service had experienced a clear flight path to success and becoming the biggest private air charter operator in Southeas Asia.

Our guiding philosophy has always been responding efficiently to clients' demands by combining the best standards and detail attention to detail with innovation and technology.

For example, our first two aircraft Bell 412 medium helicopters - were perfect for the challange of providing support services for Indonesia's developing oil industry.

By providing the oil companies with a service that fullfilled and often exeeded their requirements, Gatari developed its reputation as a dynamic and innovative operator with exeptional attention to detail. 

And it's a reputation which continues to be enhanced. Gatari's extensive support service now include laying high - tension cables for the coutry's major power line contractors - helping Indonesia to supply energy and communication link essential for continued development. We tread our clinets as partners, anticipating you needs and planning for the future.


Message From the Director

From a Gatari Air Service aircraft Indonesia's wonders are clearly visible. Fly over this archipelago stretching 4000 miles and spanning one-sevent of the globe, and you see active volcanoes, lush rain forest, tea plantations reaching to the horizon, terraced hillsides and tropical beach resorts.

On the ground the rain forest hides secret waterfalls, and colorful butterflies hoveringround exotic flowers are reflected in delicate eye and hand movements of graceful balinese dancers.

The past meets the future in Indonesia, and perhaps nowhere else in the world do mystical traditions distilled from past millenia blend comfortably into a modern as they do in cities like jakarta and Surabaya.

In an age of atomic clocks and liquid crystal display's. Indonesia's vast natural resources help to serve mankind now long into the future. This is our home. PT Gatari Air Service is pleased to bring yoy closer to the natural marvels and people of Indonesia.