Bell 212 Twin Huey

  • Bell 212 Twin Huey


Bell 212 Twin Huey (also known as the Twin Two-Twelve) is a two-blade, twin-engine, medium helicopter that first flew in 1968. Originally manufactured byBell Helicopter in Fort Worth, Texas, United States, production was moved to Mirabel, Quebec, Canada in 1988, along with all Bell commercial helicopter production after that plant opened in 1986.

The 212 is marketed to civilian operators and has a fifteen-seat configuration, with one pilot and fourteen passengers. In cargo configuration the 212 has an internal capacity of 220 ft³ (6.23 m³). An external load of up to 5,000 lb (2,268 kg) can be carried.


VNE 111 kts 206 km/h
Max Cruise 106 kts 196 km/h
Range at VLRC* 246 nm 455 km
Max Endurance* 2.6 hrs
Service Ceiling (Pressure Altitude) 16,210 ft 4,940 m
Hover Ceiling IGE (Optional Max GW, ISA) 12,595 ft 3,839 m
Hover Ceiling OGE (Optional Max GW, ISA) 5,335 ft 1,626 m
Standard Seating 1 + 12
Aux Fuel (Optional) 150 US gal 568 liters
Cabin Volume 220 ft³ 6.2 m³
Maximum Seating 1 + 14
Standard Fuel 211 US gal 799 liters
Empty Weight (Standard Configuration) 5,627 lbs 2,552 kg
Useful Load, (Internal, Standard Configuration) 4,873 lbs 2,210 kg
Max Gross Weight (Internal) 10,500 lbs 4,763 kg
Max Gross Weight (External) 11,200 lbs 5,080 kg
Cargo Hook Capacity 5,000 lbs 2,268 kg
*Max GW, ISA, Std fuel – no reserves at sea level
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