Rotary Wing Pilots

BK-117 and BELL 412EP/BELL 212

We are seeking expressions of interest from suitably qualified Rotary Wing Pilots for 1 year contract positions in Indonesia.

Minimum Requirements

  • 2000 hrs.
  • 1500 hrs. Pilot In Command
  • 1000 hrs. Turbine
  • 250 hrs on Type.
  • Rating on: BK-117, BELL 412EP, BELL 212.
  • Long Line Experience.
  • Mountain Time Advantage.
  • More than 500 hrs on Type Advantage.

The Role

  • Pilot the BK-117 Helicopter to transport people and equipment and provide support to specific field operations.
  • May also be required to pilot BELL 412EP or BELL 212 helicopters. The role will operate across Papua and other areas in Indonesia.

Essential requirements

A Commercial Helicopter Pilots Licence (CPLH/ATPLH) and a minimum turbine experience rated on BK-117, BELL 412 or BELL 212. Fire experience (hold aerial application fire fighting). Experience and demonstrated ability in longline operations (100’ – 150’).

  • Minimum 2000 hours total Rotary wing flying experience with the following minimums: 1000 hours Turbine helicopter experience, 500 hours Low flying and mountain flying experiences, minimum 250 Hours on BK-117 type.
  • Highly developed aviation skills particularly in remote terrain.
  • The ability to work unsupervised and as part of a team in all aspect of the role.
  • Operates aircraft in a safe and legal manner.
  • Completes pre-flight before every flight verifying the aircraft is in an airworthy condition by sign off of Daily Flight Log.
  • Able to conduct detailed flight planning with little notice to exacting standards.Participates regularly in meetings, activities, projects, committees and community outreach. Performs other duties as assigned.

To Apply :

Complete all the questions in the online application. Two of the questions will require you to provide specific examples from your experience (4000-character limit per question). These questions are shown below. Do not address these in your cover letter.

Applications Close: 20 February 2019

Should you require further information about the role please email us :